Other People's Children Delete. Control. Escape. The Selective Memory of OPC 2000-2003

Format: CD
Label: 555
Price: $8.95
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555 Description: Jason Sweeney (Simpatico, Sweet William, Pretty Boy Crossover), and Nicole Lowrey remember the time when pop was politics and songs made you think about the world and your place within it. So they made an Other People's Children full-length player using drum machines, casios, guitars, old effects units and dodgy computer editing to make a bunch of heartfelt electronic melodic pop tunes with their kinda take on the power and the passion. 'Delete.Control.Escape...' - the record's (abridged) title says it all. but then so did Heaven 17's 'Penthouse and Pavement'... And so here we have songs about the state of living in a relatively messed up Australia. Songs about corruption and lies. And to know there was something in that song when Midnight Oil sang: 'the rich get richer, the poor get the picture...'. OPC have an electro-pop catalogue of past achievements.

"There's a fine line between melancholy and depression. Sweeney dances artfully around that line, coaxing the most exquisite pleasures from the bluest of moods, but never crosses into full-on downer territory. His sadness will be your quiet delight".
\s\s\sSplendid ezine

"Pastoral bedroom pop with his somber vocals. In a way, it's reminiscent of early Magnetic Fields, but also shares more than a few similarities with the Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars, and the Wake"

Track listing:
1. "Pale Mourning Son"
2. "Delete Control"
3. "Slow Learner"
4. "Town Of My Mother"
5. "Catalogue"
6. "Of Concern"
7. "Lizzie"
8. "Torn Lovers"
9. "Happy Friend In Frosted City"
10. "The Problem Lies"
11. "Pale Morning Sun"
12. "Out Like A Light"

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