MMFAN316 Dot Matrix With Pop Music

Format: CD
Label: 555
Price: $8.95
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555 Description: From Fukuoka, Japan the debut release from the oddly named MMFAN316. Made completely using a gameboy / nanoloop. The music maybe flippantly referred to as, (in uneducated circles), “Lo-Fi Electronica”, but is much more deserving of further attention. Highly melodic, and equally bizarre, MMFAN316 is currently regarded at the forefront of cutting edge retro-hardware electronica.

Track listing:
1. "Welcome"
2. "Communication Breakdown"
3. "School Boy"
4. "Sunday Morning"
5. "Song. A"
6. "Beat Bikini"
7. "Technetium316"
8. "Morinaga Beam"
9. "0328105"
10. "Heat Of Late Summer"
11. "Modern Control"
12. "Mmfank (last version)"
13. "Heavy Metal Kids"
14. "Dig-Dug-Dig-Dug"
15. "Flower Computer"
16. "Command+M"

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