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Label: 555
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Description: The Crabapples, Kid606, Vross, Cannonball Jane, Bit Shifter, the Museum Exhibit, Jean Bach, Seaworthy, the Lucksmiths, Lesser, Ashtray Boy, the Bright Lights, Printed Circuit, Hydroplane, Huon, Isan, and a whole lot more! 55 songs total, each under one and a half minutes...

Track listing:
1. Bit Shifter: "Double Density"
2. Cannonball Jane: "Such Is The Score"
3. Needles: "Mirror Hero"
4. Pisstank: "One Moment (Motherfucker)"
5. Isan: "The Summer Is Ended And We Are Not Yet Saved"
6. Huon: "Scene Report"
7. Saucer: "I Miss You So"
8. Printed Circuit: "The Jackson 555"
9. Bears And Satellite: "Sandal Dance"
10. the Cannanes: "No Worries"
11. 6955: "69555"
12. Bright Lights: "This Geography's Got Me"
13. David Figurine: "Rebuild Love (minimix)"
14. Ashtray Boy: "LAX"
15. Kid 606: "Hey Stew, Is The 7" Format Dead Yet???"
16. Stick Insect: "Morning Coffee"
17. Kanda: "My Astoria"
18. Loveletter Band: "It's True"
19. Costar: "These Stars Are Not For You/Paradise rmx"
20. A Few Bears In A Hut In The Woods Somewhere: "Spiegeltent"
21. MMFAN316: "Command + M"
22. Pop Threat: "Hit It!"
23. Random Number: "Arise! The Proletariat!"
24. Minimum Chips: "Eating Out"
25. New Waver: "Give Me The Prozac"
26. Caravanette: "FJ In SF"
27. the Lucksmiths: "Yunta Hair"
28. Lesser: "Supertramp"
29. Mrs Pilgrimm: "Alone Queen"
30. Cathode: "Yielder"
31. Units: "12no"
32. Seaworthy: "Never Quite Like Yesterday"
33. Jean Bach: "Milbenkotmix"
34. N-16: "Fin"
35. Park: "We'll All Come Around"
36. Hydroplane: "Museum Station"
37. Moblin: "5 OK"
38. Vross: "Tuney Tune"
39. Lucky Dragons: "Long Lost Favorite Mix Tape"
40. Gravenhurst: "Long Way Home"
41. Disastronaut: "-"
42. Robert Scott: "Twin Creeks"
43. Team Forest: "Particular Weakness"
44. Crabapples: "You'll See Me"
45. FCB: "Monaco"
46. Lunchbox: "My Disaster"
47. Joan Of Ass: "Bodybuilding"
48. Fog And Ocean: "No More Telephone"
49. Other People's Children: "Pyjama Boy"
50. Making Hey!: "Untitled"
51. Origami: "Nancy Drew"
52. Grey Tapes: "When You Laugh"
53. Guy Blackman In Japan: "There Without Me"
54. Museum Exhibit: "Just Like Clockwork"
55. Shemotions: "Follow"

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