Pia Fraus Plastilina EP

Format: CD-EP
Label: Clairecords
Price: $7.25
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Clairecords Description: Pia Fraus wowed the masses last year with their incredible album "In Solarium". While the hungry listeners are salivating in waiting for the next full-length, we've decided to curb everyone's appetite with the Plastilina EP. Pia Fraus hail from Estonia. The group of teenage art-school students formed in 1998 with an average age of 16 years old. Their age bore no meaning on the wonderful music they soon began creating. They issued forth their debut album on a very limited CD-R run, entitled "Wonder What Its Like" in March 2001. It was tracks from this album that caught the ears of us here at Clairecords and we knew we had fallen in love. So the natural thing to do was to pull the absolute best tracks from that album, as chosen by the band, and reissue them in the wonderful Plastilina package. Here you'll hear all the beginnings of this fresh-faced band. Their shimmering guitars, crystalline melodies, and perfect pop sensibilities burst through the speakers with all the sunshine and smiles of summertime. This is the perfect EP for the summer. Plastilina boasts 5 tracks, one of which (Deep Purple Girl) was re-recorded in late 2002 to acheive a higher plane of pop perfection. In addition, we have snuck in a secret hidden bonus track - the outrageously fun "snafu remix" of 'Summer Before Spring'. Full of characteristic bounce, happiness, and even rich with handclaps throughout, it marks a perfect end to this EP. So get those dancing shoes on and start smiling wide... All new two-tone artwork adorns the Plastilina EP in a slimline case, creating one of the aesthetically-best design packages Clairecords has created! This EP is limited to just 750 copies worldwide.

Track listing:
1. "Moon Like A Pearl"
2. "Obnoxious"
3. "Summer Before Spring"
4. "Deep Purple Girl"
5. "Swim In Eyes"

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