Various Artists - Dreaming Up The Perfect Pop Various Artists Dreaming Up The Perfect Pop

Format: CD
Label: Planting Seeds
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Description: Features 21 artists including Paula Kelley, the Snow Fairies, Ashley Park, Souvenir, Winterbrief, Astropop 3, Fonda, the Maybellines, Call and Response, and more!

Track listing:
1. Astropop 3: "Lost In A Dream"
2. Marykate O'Neil: "Mundane Dream"
3. Ashley Park: "Let's Go"
4. Xavier Pelleuf: "Wisconsin"
5. the Dupont Circles: "Heaven Holler"
6. Kleenex Girl Wonder: "Reunited Airlines"
7. Echo Orbiter: "August Landscape Green"
8. Call And Response: "Mr. Weatherman"
9. Heavy Blinkers: "Summer Won't Ask You Twice"
10. Souvenir: "Je Tiens Ma Parole"
11. the Essex Green: "Everything Is Green (alt. version)"
12. Paula Kelley: "All Request Hour"
13. the Snow Fairies: "Lonely Cartographer"
14. Winterbrief: "Suburban Summer"
15. Mockers: "Sunflowers"
16. the Mendoza Line: "The Kids Are Out"
17. Michael Barrett: "Dreamer"
18. Fonda: "Summer Land"
19. Maybellines: "Watermelon"
20. Dakota Suite: "The Colour Of Water"
21. Capsela: "A Little Company"

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