Sciflyer - Fair Weather Karma Sciflyer Fair Weather Karma

Format: CD
Label: Clairecords
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Sciflyer Description: Sciflyer’s debut album “Fair Weather Karma” follows hot on the heels of their two prior sold out self-released EPs. Sciflyer's beginnings originated in 1998, right after guitarist/singer Steve Kennedy had played in Estuary with Chris Streng (now of Stratford 4). The band imploded after only one show, which is when Steve and his wife Kim connected with drummer Larry Campos to form what was then called Avrocar. The new band quickly changed their name because of the UK band of the same moniker and became Sciflyer, bringing drummer Roger Chandler aboard in late 2001. The band has relentlessly played, recorded and toured ever since.
\s\s\sFWK is a collection of songs recorded over the past year or so. The band prefers to record at home on their semi-vintage eight-track machine for the time being, though they've had a little help from some indie studio veterans like Matt Piucci (Rain Parade) and Scott Solter (Tarentel, The Court & Spark, Stratford 4).
\s\s\sSo where are the vocals? They're in there...mixed down low...the better to draw you in through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole of the Sciflyer mix. The band prefers to use vocals as just another drone in the psychedelic haze, though occasionally Steve musters up the confidence to deliver a beautiful melody. The band tells us that as they become more 'successful' and their confidence level rises, the vocals will come out more and they'll stop staring at their shoes when performing.
\s\s\sSo far Sciflyer has appeared on compilations by Go-Kustom Records and Grand Theft Autumn. Their music has also been used in two professional surfing videos produced by Swell and Surfline, one of which features world champion, Kelly Slater. But you'll be sure to hear a lot more of them now with the release of FWK, which runs the gamut between dreamy blissed-out shoegaze, up-tempo fuzzed-out space-surf, and good old fashioned indie-pop.

Track listing:
1. "Barnstorm"
2. "Burn And Sell"
3. "You're From The Ocean"
4. "Burning Down The House"
5. "Come Up To My Cloud"
6. "Like An Ion"
7. "Alpha Centauri"
8. "Letting Go Of Everything"
9. "(Reprise)"

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