Various Artists Test Tones Volume 02

Format: CD
Label: Clairecords
Price: $4.19
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Clairecords Description: Clairecords, in conjunction with toneVENDOR, presents the second volume in their quarterly compilation series titled "test tones". The idea behind the series is to showcase some of the best bands, labels and releases offered by toneVENDOR mailorder and distribution. Volume 1.1 kicked off late last year with an overwhelming success. Volume 2.1 is looking to be even bigger and better, with more tracks, more exclusives, and an unparalleled crop of talent!
\s\s\sJamming 24 tracks by 24 artists in just a hair short of 80 minutes, Test Tones Volume 2.1 is packed to the gills with great tunes at a bargain price! HALF of the tracks here are EXCLUSIVE, from artists like Midsummer, Le Pepes, The Birthday Machine, Sexconsciousyoungmoderns, Remora, Morella's Forest, Your Favorite Horse (aka Accelera Deck), Pony Express(members of Starflyer 59), Trace (ex-Rocketship & Electro Group members), Shakespace, Ksine, and Silver Screen. But you also get a dozen more tracks from recent and forthcoming releases by For Against, Mean Red Spiders, Ai Phoenix, The Flir, Cat and Dog Dialogue, Lab Partners, Silent Kids, The Caribbean, The Rules, Whirlaway, Valet, and Dreamend. These artists come from labels such as Clairecords, Endearing, Top Quality Rock & Roll, Kittridge, SunSeaSky, Silber, Sonic Syrup, Velvet Blue Music, Omnibus, Words on Music, Popgun, Big Beef, Two Sheds, Snowglobe, Graveface and more! These are all labels that are making a difference in today's independent music community, so you need to check out what they have to offer!
\s\s\sAlthough this release was originally slated for late Winter 2003, delays in production have brought its release into summer 2003. This matters not, for the music herein is what really matters! Test Tones Volume 2.1, as with all volumes in the Test Tones series, is strictly limited to 1000 copies, with only half of that amount available to distributors and record shops worldwide. The first volume in the series is nearly sold out already, so don't hesitate!!

Track listing:
1. For Against: "Medication"
2. Midsummer: "Silent Blue (Violet Mix)"
3. Le Pepes: "All Star Low"
4. Mean Red Spiders: "My Soul To Keep"
5. the Birthday Machine: "Closet Superhero"
6. Sexconsciousyoungmoderns: "Brown Eyed Girl"
7. Remora: "Angel Fall"
8. Ai Phoenix: "Revolutionfriend"
9. Morella's Forest: "Hopeless (Original Version)"
10. the Flir: "Golden"
11. Your Favorite Horse: "Tuning Up On Cloud Nine"
12. Pony Express: "Living On Dimes"
13. Cat And Dog Dialogue: "Beep The Horn!"
14. Lab Partners: "Those Things"
15. Silent Kids: "Engine Of A Lifetime"
16. Trace: "Rollin' Mice"
17. the Caribbean: "Bulbs And Switches"
18. Rules: "Canadian Craftsmanship"
19. Whirlaway: "Strangeplanes"
20. Shakespace: "Newlands"
21. Valet: "Od To An Auteur"
22. Ksine: "Godrest3"
23. Dreamend: "Ellipsis"
24. Silver Screen: "All I Have"

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