the Clientele - Violet Hour the Clientele Violet Hour

Format: CD
Label: Merge
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Merge Description: The Violet Hour, the first studio full-length-proper from The Clientele. Recorded and mixed by the band at Medina Roads Studios in the UK over several months in 2002, The Violet Hour promises to only further cement The Clientele as one of the most eloquent pop bands on the planet. Languid melodies and delicate choruses combine to transport the listener to a hazy dreamlike world where Alasdair MacLean weaves his witty, sardonic tales of love, loss, possibilities and dreams. The record is eloquent and sparse, yet never lacking for lush sound-scapes. A truly beautiful chamber pop masterpiece from a band poised to claim their spot amongst indie-pop royalty.

Track listing:
1. "The Violet Hour"
2. "Voices In The Mall"
3. "When You And I Were Young"
4. "Missing"
5. "Jamaican Rum Rhumba"
6. "House On Fire"
7. "Everybody's Gone"
8. "Porcelain"
9. "Haunted Melody"
10. "Prelude"
11. "Lamplight"
12. "The House Always Wins"
13. "Policeman Getting Lost"

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