Avocadoclub - Too Much Space To Walk Away Avocadoclub Too Much Space To Walk Away

Format: CD
Label: Firestation Tower
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Firestation Tower Description: That we are dealing with a hit single becomes clear after the first sounds of the title track. Not only the wonderful voice of ex Lemonbaby Julia Gehrmann but also producer Andre Abshagen from Dauerfisch are responsible for the high quality. No wonder then that German star actor Oliver Korittke was in it for the main part of the ultra cool video (as DVD track on the CD version!). The e.p. roughly lasts 15 minutes which include a various musical spectrum! The first track shows you how a mix of Eggstone,The Dandy Warhols and The Wannadies could sound like whereas "All Of Your Gum" combines the early Stone Roses with Primal Scream. And if it wasn't a B-side, "Sidewalk Of Days" (the trumpet solo inclusive) could be the next hit single! The song "Saturday Karma", however, nearly sounds jazzy-relaxed and rather points at Kings Of Convenience, whose frontman Erlend Oye worked with AVOCADOCLUB in a studio in Berlin recently. Surely we will hear from this constellation soon...

Track listing:
1. "Too Much Space To Walk Away"
2. "All Of Your Gum"
3. "The Sidewalk Of Days"
4. "Saturday Karma"

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