Chicklet - Indian Summer Chicklet Indian Summer

Format: CD
Label: Satellite
Price: $8.28
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Description: It's been a while since 'Wanderlust,' and the sun still shines brightly on Chicklet. This wonderfully capable dreampop band cleverly avoids the murky, messy swamplands in which an array of cool effects boxes can easily submerge one. Eleven attractive songs are presented and it is a good mix of clasically introspective creations--songs filled with hypnotising phrases of such pure musical delight!--along with others that are really more rockin' and spirited. Recommended!

Track listing:
1. "Ripe"
2. "Subcelebrity"
3. "Collide"
4. "Mockingbird"
5. "Whitewashed"
6. "Treshold"
7. "Camouflage"
8. "September"
9. "Apple Song"
10. "Olive"
11. "Sight And Sound"

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