the Frenchmen - Powdered Blue the Frenchmen Powdered Blue

Format: 7" vinyl
Label: Shelflife
Price: $3.83
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Shelflife Description: Sacramento's Frenchmen debut on Shelflife with "Powdered Blue," a 4 song 7-inch, ready to captivate c86 pop punk lovers everywhere.
\s\s\sThe Frenchmen have embraced their indie pop and punk roots (as well as their striped shirts) and created an energetic mass of melody. They are an unstable compromise between big rock and twee pop. They are a catchy tune ready to break down the door.
\s\s\sMike Slumberland once said they sounded like "Sacramento's answer to the Fat Tulips!" One recent show goer said they sounded like, "a really loud mess, with too many rat pedals." They are equally flattered by both descriptions.
\s\s\sFor Fans Of: Talulah Gosh, Rosehips, Fat Tulips, Beat Happening, Dolly Mixture

Track listing:
1. "Powdered Blue"
2. "Unlucky Day"
3. "Hey Amelia"
4. "Nar Vs. Ramones"

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