Young People - War Prayers Young People War Prayers

Format: CD
Label: Dim Mak
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Dim Mak Description: The 11 unique songs of Young People's "War Prayers" are as varied and expressive as any collection in recent memory. The album, like the band, combine so many elements of American experience and song, that the result is a dizzyingly beautiful pop almost too special to describe. Imagine a June Carter singing to John Cage's music, or early Bjork in her Sugarcubes years, making angular, American traditional songs. At times it mixes this Raincoats on Broadway feel in the most expressive way. The soaring vocals of Katie Eastburn are so lovely and luscious that the tense, angular, punk and indie-rock influenced song structures of Jeff Rosenberg and Jarrett Silberman seem to float in musical ether, alternately driving and dreamy.

Track listing:
1. "El Paso"
2. "Tammy Faye"
3. "Nere Do Well"
4. "Ask About The Dust"
5. "Dutch Oven"
6. "The Lord"
7. "The Valley"
8. "Early Poetry"
9. "Rhumba"
10. "Stagecoach"
11. "NIght Of The Hunter"

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