Slipslide - World Can Wait Slipslide World Can Wait

Format: CD
Label: Matinee
Price: $10.35
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Matinée Description: Highly anticipated full length from London act Slipslide, featuring the songwriting and vocal skills of Graeme Elston (The Love Parade, Pure, Eva Luna, Astronaut). Entitled "The World Can Wait" the album is the first release since the band's celebrated "Sleeptalk" single 18 months ago. Since then, Elston and fellow Astronaut members Dave Masterman (drums) and Brychan Todd (bass) have been joined by new member Matthew Hawes on guitar and vocals. Contrasting nicely with nine heartfelt compositions from the Elston songbook are two songs by Matthew ("Back to Work" and "Halfway Over Town") that feature a wry lyrical humour and his splendid smokey croon. The album boasts numerous examples of classic songwriting within the three minute pop formula, with the signature 12-string guitars, keyboards, melodies, and addictive choruses found on Slipslide's two previous singles for Matinée. This is refined guitar pop worthy of a place in your collection next to beloved classics from Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, The Colourfield and Go-Betweens.

Track listing:
1. "Sleeptalk"
2. "Back To Work"
3. "Baked Alaska"
4. "The Right Time"
5. "Watching, Waiting"
6. "Halfway Over Town"
7. "Signs Of Life"
8. "X Supplies The Answer"
9. "Palm House Crawling"
10. "Will You Lead Me?"
11. "The World Can Wait"

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