Various Artists - Shake Yer Popboomerang Various Artists Shake Yer Popboomerang

Format: CD
Label: Popboomerang
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Description: Rare and previously unreleased songs from 23 Australian artists including Sarah Sarah, the Genes, the Stoneage Hearts, the Decembers, the Elements, Tim Reid, Groundswell, Marcus Goodwin, Danny McDonald, Superscope, the Smallgoods, Starky, Treetops, etc.

Track listing:
1. the Stoneage Hearts: "Shake Yer Popboomerang"
2. Magneto: "Living On The Moon"
3. Her Majestys Finest: "Peggy Wednesday"
4. Sarah Sarah: "Ignorance And Arrogance"
5. Treetops: "Confused"
6. Starky: "Yesterday I Drove Your Girlfriend Home"
7. Smallgoods: "Listen To The Radio"
8. the Dreamdayers: "I Will Listen"
9. Decembers: "Saving Everything"
10. Never Loved Elvis: "Rodney Smart"
11. Dom Mariani: "Brothers And Sisters"
12. Run On One: "Karenin's Smile"
13. Elements: "Ordinary Day"
14. Tim Reid: "Dancing Girl"
15. Groundswell: "To Be Young"
16. Charles Jenkins: "The Black Madonna"
17. Showbag: "Goodbye Friend"
18. Superscope: "Untitled Demo #1"
19. Joe Algeri And Danny McDonald: "Til The End"
20. Marcus Goodwin: "One To Right"
21. the Genes: "Peeling From The Ceiling"
22. Andy Star: "Lucky Strike (Radio Edit)"
23. Danny McDonald: "In The Comfort Of Summer's Night (Acoustic)"

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