the Music Lovers Cheap Songs Tell The Truth

Format: CD
Label: Marriage
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Marriage Description: "Saucy, spacey, bedroom bossa-nova's. A weirdly sensual melange of Sergio Mendes, dark cabaret and Nick Drake" (SF BAY GUARDIAN). The Music Lovers are 3 englishmen and an Irishman. Their lead singer/songwriter has traversed the globe twice, been homeless, jailed, an invalid and a professional bingo caller. As a singer he has performed on Scandinavian Cruise Liners, toured Italian Marxist clubs, and written a musical. This 6 song EP (only 5 tracks are listed on the cover, as one is a "hidden" bonus) was completed in the summer of 2002. This coincided with the wedding of Marriage Records' purveyors Matthew Jacobson (of Le Grand Magistery) and Leigh Jurecka (of Oh!Tonito, as well as former live member of STARS and A Girl Called Eddy). The release of this EP was delayed until the rights to use the image from the cult documentary film "Grey Gardens" were obtained. The cover image of Edith B. Beale Jr. and Edith Bouvier Beale appears courtesy of Maysles Films Inc. Le Grand Magistery suggests the following fan-site: as well as the film itself, which is currently available on DVD via The Criterion Collection. "Cheap Songs Tell The Truth" is a short introduction to the world of The Music Lovers: a world of bed-sitting room symphonies, of awkward intimacies, unseen triumphs, of the other city, the one just a train ride away. Brill Building pop with a melancholy core, folklore, show-tunes and love songs for the disenfranchised.

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