Felt - Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Felt Let The Snakes Crinkle Their

Format: CD
Label: Cherry Red
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Cherry Red Description: Total instrumental album where I play all the guitars - Lawrence, July 2003 We now move onto the Creation years in our Felt campaign. Feltís fifth studio album was originally released in 1986 and was an indie chart hit. This album has been unavailable for many years and is much in demand. Felt are a very influential band with many of todayís bands paying homage to the genius of Lawrence

Track listing:
1. "Song For William S Harvey"
2. "Ancient City Where I Lived"
3. "The Seventeenth Century"
4. "The Palace"
5. "Indian Scriptures"
6. "The Nazca Plain"
7. "Jewel Sky"
8. "Viking Dress"
9. "Voyage To Illumination"
10. "Sapphire Mansions"

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