Girlboy Girl Forget The Ladder, Climb The Wall

Format: CD
Label: Kittridge
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Kittridge Description: Girlboy Girl formed in the spring of 1996 in Bristol, England and have a impressive discography, releases that range from labels such as Cher Doll, Orgasm, Blackbean & Placenta, 555, and Mobstar. They've received airplay on the John Peel show and have toured UK, Belgium, Germany, and USA with bands like Beatnik Filmstars, Lunchbox, and Steward. Kittridge Records is pleased to announce the release of Girlboy Girl's 2nd full length album due summer 2003. From jangly pop songs to sentimental acoustic ballads, Girlboy Girl bring to mind bands such as The Pastels, Beatnik Filmstars, and The Delgados.

Track listing:
1. "Don't Shout"
2. "Cabmdhavas En Metten"
3. "On The Horizon"
4. "Starting To Peel"
5. "Trying"
6. "Ignition"
7. "Go"
8. "Lake Merritt"
9. "Night Song"
10. "Impermanent"
11. "Radiator"
12. "Reminds Me Of Summer"
13. "Enjoy Yourself"
14. "The World's A Better Place"

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