Leah Callahan - Even Sleepers Leah Callahan Even Sleepers

Format: CD
Label: Baraca
Price: $9.00
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Description: Beautiful, odd, and haunting solo effort mixing exotic sounds like Bossa Nova and Klesmer in a purely acoustic environment. Guitar is the center piece, with other instruments filling out the sound splendedly, making this a lush and highly organic recording. It's great late night listening - soft but prickly, and loaded with quirk. Leah has worked previously with Turkish Delight, Betwixt, and Butterfield 8. Recommended!

Track listing:
1. "Valentine"
2. "The Sadness I Admire"
3. "The Red Eye"
4. "Better Than You"
5. "Vampire Heart"
6. "Where You Are"
7. "Love Some Thing"
8. "Shocking Pink"
9. "Strip Mall"

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