Fiel Garvie - Leave Me Out Of This Fiel Garvie Leave Me Out Of This

Format: CD
Label: Words On Music
Price: $8.28
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Description: Fantastic dream-pop out of England featuring delicate but distinctive female vocals, often enveloped in a rich and swirly haze of pillowy softness (or sometimes just a quiet, minimalistic romanticism) This is the group's second album. Recommended.

Track listing:
1. "B-Rock"
2. "I Didn't Say"
3. "Got A Reason"
4. "Doortime"
5. "Caught On"
6. "Reeling As You Come Around Again"
7. "Talking A Hole In My Head"
8. "He Goes, She Goes"
9. "There You Go"
10. "Old Friend"
11. "Flake"

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