Various Artists Matinee Autumn Assortment!

Format: CD-EP
Label: Matinee
Price: $5.97
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Description: 10 songs including some previously released ones... Artists: Would-Be-Goods, Slipslide, the Lucksmiths, Harper Lee, the Pines, the Liberty Ship, Airport Girl, the Windmills, Pipas, and Lovejoy

Track listing:
1. Would-Be-Goods: "Morning After"
2. Slipslide: "Love Split"
3. the Lucksmiths: "After The Party"
4. Harper Lee: "Autumn"
5. the Pines: "A Rainy Day"
6. Liberty Ship: "Baseball Caps And Novas"
7. Airport Girl: "I've Seen Mexico"
8. the Windmills: "Summer Snow"
9. Pipas: "Don't Remix"
10. Lovejoy: "Strike A Pose"

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