the Steinbecks - Branches And Fronds Brushing The Windows the Steinbecks Branches And Fronds Brushing The Windows

Format: CD-EP
Label: Microindie
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Microindie Description: Branches and Fronds Brushing the Windows sees the 'becks spread their wings, musically and lyrically, from the melody laden anti-war opener 'Guilty Spring' right through to the pulsing and mysterious keyboard driven 8-minute finalé, 'Trying Too Hard'.
\s\s\sThe Steinbecks emerged in 1994 from the ashes of seminal early '90s pop combo The Sugargliders. The 'gliders released a string of singles and one album for legendary English pop label, Sarah Records. The Sugargliders' appeal was built on the distinctive lyrical subtlety and unashamed pop sensibility of brothers Josh & Joel Meadows.
\s\s\sBranches and Fronds is The Steinbecks' fourth major release after At Home and Abroad with The Steinbecks (1995), From the Wrestling Chair to the Sea (1997) and Recorded Music Salon (2000).
\s\s\sThis latest incarnation of The Steinbecks retains the Meadows brothers' signature warm-yet-sparkling melodies and insightful lyrics, and adds the propulsive basslines of Andy Gosden and unrestrained drumming of Jerry Rinse.

Track listing:
1. "Guilty Spring"
2. "Arafura Sea"
3. "Song For Today"
4. "Morell Bridge"
5. "Mens Suit Hire"
6. "Trying Too Hard"

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