Felt - Pictorial Jackson Review Felt Pictorial Jackson Review

Format: CD
Label: Cherry Red
Price: $13.44
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Cherry Red Description: The next reissue in the Felt series, this was the bands 8th album and was originally released on Creation in 1988. Reaching number 9 in the Indie charts this was another great album from felt that should be part of any collection!

Track listing:
1. "Apple Boutique"
2. "Ivory Past"
3. "Until The Fools Get Wise"
4. "Bitter End"
5. "How Spook Got Her Man"
6. "Christopher Street"
7. "Under A Pale Light"
8. "Don't Die On My Doorstep"
9. "Sending Lady Load"
10. "The Darkest Ending"

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