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Clairecords Description: Clairecords is extremely proud to present "After Years" - a collection of recordings previously released on the Sarah Records label by Secret Shine. After Years compiles the "Ephemeral" and "Loveblind" singles, the "Untouched" album, and the "Greater Than God" EP - each in their entirety, all on one convenient disc (ironicaly enough, this release does NOT include the �After Years� single - but who could resist such a befitting name for this collection?). All of these recordings have been out of print for years, and have been known to fetch over $70 on certain evil auction websites.
\s\s\sIn September, 1991, Secret Shine released two debut singles ("After Years" and "Unbearable") on two different labels (Sarah Records and A Turntable Friend, respectively), within a week of each other. The sound of these singles was definitive Sarah Records-styled pop. Shortly thereafter the band changed their sound to something more distorted, loud, and raw - but definitely still melodic. "Ephemeral" was released in April, 1992 and was the first hint at this band's great sonic achievements. "Loveblind" followed in March of 1993, and was quite a success - the single was played every night on Steve Lamacq's show as "Single of the Week", and that same week John Peel also played it every night - it reached #19 on the UK indie charts. "Untouched" was released a month later and was the bands shining moment - a full 8 tracks of gorgeous, blissful shoegaze/dreampop. Reverbed & distorted guitars, ethereal boy/girl harmonies, sonic bliss... "Greater Than God" was Secret Shine's last release for Sarah, and was their hardest-edged sounding release to date, taking big cues from the loudest bits of MBV's "Loveless".
\s\s\sTo us, Secret Shine are the definition of dreampop.

Track listing:
1. "Honey Sweet"
2. "Secret Shiine"
3. "Loveblind"
4. "Way Too High"
5. "Suck Me Down"
6. "Temporal"
7. "Spellbound"
8. "So Close I Come"
9. "Into The Ether"
10. "Toward The Sky"
11. "Underworld"
12. "Sun Warmed Water"
13. "Liquid Indigo"
14. "Ignite The Air"
15. "Deep Thinker"
16. "Elizabeth's April"
17. "Last Words"

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