Airiel - Winks And Kisses: Dizzy Airiel Winks And Kisses: Dizzy

Format: CD-EP
Label: Clairecords
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Clairecords Description: "Winks and Kisses" is an ambitiously planned project of 4 EPs, strategically released 3 months apart (give or take) over the course of a year. The idea hearkens back to the late '80s / early '90s, when bands like Lush, Chapterhouse, Ride, Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine were creating the whole dreampop/shoegazing genre by each bursting onto the scene with a staggering number of EPs every few months. The trend was hard to ignore, and was in fact rather brilliant, as it gave the listener a taste, a breath of this fresh air, while seeming like a tease, leaving the listener craving more. It's with this intent we bring you "Winks and Kisses"by Airiel.
\s\s\s"Dizzy" is the second EP in the "Winks and Kisses" series. It continues the series in excellent style. “Stratosphere” kicks things off fantastically - don’t bother with the whole launching bit, it just places you smack deep into that layer of atmosphere and hovers there for the entire 6 minutes, all the while massaging your ears with gently tremeloed guitars. “ri” is a pastoral instrumental gem of a song. “...sleep” ushers in early-90’s era Lush-style guitar melodies, and features the backing vocals of Krissey Bailey from Chicago-area band Whimsical. Each release in the series will feature an epic closing track, and “500 Deep” does the job nicely, rounding off at a full 10 minutes, beginning with a lovely syncopated chiming pop song that gives way to an altogether different song of pure atmosphere.
\s\s\s“Dizzy”, as well as each of the other releases in the Winks and Kisses series, is limited to just 750 copies. In addition, the final release in the series will include additional packaging and booklet to make a complete box-set.

Track listing:
1. "Stratosphere"
2. "Ri"
3. "This Is Why I Can't Sleep"
4. "500 Deep"

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