Felt - Train Above The City Felt Train Above The City

Format: CD
Label: Cherry Red
Price: $13.44
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Cherry Red Description: “Train Above The City” was Felt’s final album on Creation and reached the Top 10 of the indie charts when it was released in 1988. This is the penultimate part of the Felt re-issue campaign which will see all ten of Felt’s studio albums – including the Creation Records recordings, re-issued by Cherry Red

Track listing:
1. "Train Above The City"
2. "On Weegee's Sidewalk"
3. "Run Chico Run"
4. "Press Softly On The Brakes Holly"
5. "Spectral Morning"
6. "Teargardens"
7. "Book Of Swords"
8. "Seahorses On Broadway"

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