Louis Philippe Ivory Tower

Format: CD
Label: El Records
Price: $15.56
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Vendor Description: The 1988 album includes the very collectable single 'Guess I'm Dumb', an obscure gem written by Brian Wilson and Russ Teitleman for Glenn Campbell. This was Philippe's best selling El record. 2005.

Track listing:
1. "Guess I'm Dumb"
2. "Chocolate Soldiers"
3. "Domenica"
4. "Anna"
5. "Sixteen"
6. "Mindreader"
7. "Ulysses & The Siren"
8. "Monsieur Leduc"
9. "All Stands Still"
10. "Smash Hit Wonder"
11. "Sleep Angry Beauty"
12. "Night Talk"
13. "Ivory Tower"
14. "Every Word Meant Goodbye"
15. "Hot Summer Evenings"
16. "Cantilena"
17. "House Of A Thousand Windows"
18. "Endless September"
19. "Cavaliere Servente"
20. "Perfume"
21. "Simon Bolivar Airport"

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