Various Artists Sunshine Pop 99

Format: CD
Label: El
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Description: Marden Hill, Loveletter, Tracey Thorn, Momus, Bad Dream Fancy Dress, the Monochrome Set, Milky, Felt, Would-Be-Goods, Fantastic Something, Television Personalities, Simon Turner, the King Of Luxembourg, Everything But The Girl, Tomorrow's World, Monty, Louis Philippe, Wallpaper, the Marine Girls, Kevin Hewick, and Jane.

Track listing:
1. Marden Hill: "Cadaquez"
2. Loveletter: "We Can Fly"
3. Tracey Thorn: "Simply Couldn't Care"
4. Momus: "Vague Bambini"
5. Bad Dream Fancy Dress: "Foreign Muck"
6. Monochrome Set: "The Monochrome Set"
7. Milky: "The Emperor Of Oranges"
8. Felt: "Something Sends Me To Sleep"
9. Would-Be-Goods: "Death A La Carte"
10. Fantastic Something: "If She Doesn't Smile"
11. Television Personalities: "A Picture Of Dorian Gray"
12. Simon Turner: "Teenybop Stardom"
13. King Of Luxembourg: "Mad"
14. Everything But The Girl: "Feeling Dizzy"
15. Tomorrow's World: "Leslie Phillips In Santiago"
16. Monty: "Angel Delight"
17. Louis Philippe: "With You And Without You"
18. Wallpaper: "Wallpaper"
19. Marine Girls: "Love To Know"
20. Kevin Hewick: "Spain"
21. Jane: "It's A Fine Day"

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