Various Artists - Psychedelic Various Artists Psychedelic

Format: CD
Label: Acme/Cherry Red
Price: $15.56
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Description: Mark Wirtz, Loveletter, Tracey Thorn, Wallpaper, Harmony Grass, Bad Dream Fancy Dress, Joe Meek, Would-Be-Goods, Spencer Davis Group, Tony Rivers, Fabulous Flee-Rakkers, King Of Luxembourg, and A Tent.

Track listing:
1. Mark Wirtz: "Festival Of Kings From A Teenage Opera"
2. Loveletter: "Barbarella"
3. Tracey Thorn: "Femme Fatale"
4. Wallpaper: "Sun"
5. Harmony Grass: "I've Seen To Dream"
6. Bad Dream Fancy Dress: "Choirboys Gas"
7. Joe Meek: "Love Dance Of The Saroos From I Hear A New World-An Outer Space Music Fantasy"
8. Would-Be-Goods: "Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook"
9. Davis, Spencer Group: "Virginals Dream From Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush"
10. Tony Rivers: "Pantomime"
11. Bad Dream Fancy Dress: "Dali's Diet"
12. Fabulous Flee-Rakkers: "Sunday Date"
13. King Of Luxembourg: "Poptones"
14. A Tent: "No Way Of Knowing"
15. Tracey Thorn: "Goodbye Joe"
16. Mark Wirtz: "Theme From A Teenage Opera (End Titles)"

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