Wannadies - Before And After Wannadies Before And After

Format: CD
Label: Hidden Agenda
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Description: Includes bonus video tracks.

Hidden Agenda Description: Domestic issue of 2002 album by Swedish stalwarts The Wannadies (pronounced Wanna-Dyes as in "want-to-die", not Wanna-deez). "Before & After" is the 6th proper album by this fantastic band from Skellefteċ, Sweden - a band rightly credited for launching the Swedish alternative rock scene. A real treasure on the Swedish pop/rock landscape on par with the country's most popular bands (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Cardigans, Kent, etc.), the quintet's closest American analog would be the Pixies - only The Wannadies have continued to release terrific records over the years!

Track listing:
1. "Little By Little"
2. "Nothing Wrong"
3. "Piss On You"
4. "Skin"
5. "Uri Geller"
6. "All Over Me"
7. "Disko"
8. "Singalong Son"
9. "Come With Me (Till Things Get Better)"
10. "Happy"
11. "Can't Stop You"
12. "Love Letter"

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