Menck, Ric - Ballad Of Ric Menck Menck, Ric Ballad Of Ric Menck

Format: CD
Label: Action Musik
Price: $12.29
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Action Musik Description: Remastered reissue of Ric Menck solo material - with bonus tracks added since original release on Summershine Records.

Track listing:
1. "Perfect Day"
2. "The Bicycle Song"
3. "Clown"
4. "Wishing On A Star"
5. "Sunflower"
6. "Are We Gonna Be Alright?"
7. "Big Blue Buzz"
8. "Tomorrow Ends Today"
9. "Wonder"
10. "She Swirls Around Me"
11. "Million Tears"
12. "Reachin' For The Stars"
13. "Tranquil"
14. "Delaware Rain"
15. "Golden Hair"
16. "Scatter Good Friends"

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