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Format: CD
Label: Kill Rock Stars
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Kill Rock Stars Description: The Casual Dots are Christina Billotte (Slant 6, Quix*o*tic) on guitar and vocals, Kathi Wilcox (Bikini Kill, Frumpies) on guitar, and Steve Dore (Deep Lust) on drums. With a shared history in the intertwined underground music scenes of Washington DC and Olympia, WA, a musical collaboration between these three longtime friends was almost inevitable. Formed in the summer of 2002, the Dots played their first show in the middle of a traffic circle in downtown Washington D.C. as part of the Ladyfest D.C. music/arts festival that August. The following spring the group went into Inner Ear recording studios with the production team of Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) and Don Zientara. The resulting album, released on KRS records, documents the band's early set of 8 originals and 2 covers ("I'll Dry My Tears" by Etta James, and "Bumble Bee" by Laverne Baker). The Casual Dots minimalist sound, anchored by a propulsive back beat and weaving melodic interplay between the guitars, provides a sonic platform for Christina's cool and distinctive vocal style. The result is a raw pop sound that reflects a uniquely angular and lean sensibility.

Track listing:
1. "Derailing"
2. "Mama's Gonna Make Us A Cake"
3. "Flowers"
4. "Clocks"
5. "Hooded"
6. "I'll Dry My Tears"
7. "She's The Real Thing"
8. "Evil Operations Classified"
9. "E.S.P. For Now"
10. "Bumblebee"

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