Keith Urban - Keith Urban And Ranch Keith Urban Keith Urban And Ranch

Format: CD
Label: Musicrama
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Track listing:
1. "It's a Love Thing"
2. "Where the Blacktop Ends"
3. "But for the Grace of God"
4. "Your Everything"
5. "I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever)"
6. "Little Luck of Our Own"
7. "You're the Only One"
8. "If You Wanna Stay"
9. "Don't Shut Me Out"
10. "Out on My Own"
11. "Rollercoaster"
12. "I Thought You Knew"
13. "Walkin' the Country"
14. "Homespun Love"
15. "Just Some Love"
16. "Some Days You Gotta Dance"
17. "My Last Name"
18. "Desiree"
19. "Freedom's Finally Mine"
20. "Hank Don't Fail Me Now"
21. "Tangled Up in Love"
22. "Clutterbilly"
23. "Man of the House"
24. "Ghost in the Guitar"

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