Ferdinand, Franz - Franz Ferdinand Ferdinand, Franz Franz Ferdinand

Format: CD
Label: Domino
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Domino Description: Franz Ferdinand deliver an album of undeniable class and charm, exhilaration and ecstasy, wit and wonder: a masterpiece of modern pop music.

This album is even stronger than anyone could have expected: the song writing and performance is superb from start to finish; each track feels like a smash hit and a cult classic at the same time – and 'Franz Ferdinand' really does breathe new life into such clichés.

'Franz Ferdinand'’s confidence is enticing. From the opening mystery of ‘Jacqueline’, which explodes into a floor-stomping number, to the Beatle-esque harmonies of ‘Tell Her Tonight’, and right through to ‘This Fire’ (never has setting a city on fire sounded so sexy) - 'Franz Ferdinand' marks its makers out as that thing we all need right now: a special band, and one you can dance with, to boot…

Track listing:
1. "Jacqueline"
2. "Tell Her Tonight"
3. "Take Me Out"
4. "The Dark Of The Matinee"
5. "Auf Achse"
6. "Cheating On You"
7. "This Fire"
8. "Darts Of Pleasure"
9. "Michael"
10. "Come On Home"
11. "40'"

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