the Olivia Tremor Control - Black Follage: Animation Music the Olivia Tremor Control Black Follage: Animation Music

Format: CD
Label: Cloud Recordings
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Cloud Recordings Description: Long awaited re-issue of The Olivia Tremor Control's ambitious, highly influential second album from 1999, which originally sold 40,000 copies. Perfect symphonic pop songs in an elaborate tapestry of tape manipulation, free jazz, and electronics. Guest appearances by The Apples (in Stereo) and Neutral Milk Hotel.

'Pop at its most playful and the avant-garde at its cuddliest ­ a 27 song trip in which structure and chaos keep leapfrogging each other. Dedicated headphone junkies should be thrilled with the deep focus production and tidal wave of melody. Even the most elaborate concept albums can be fun.' ­ Rolling Stone

Track listing:
1. "Opening"
2. "A Peculiar Noise Called 'Train Director'"
3. "Combinations"
4. "Hideaway"
5. "Black Foliage Animation 1"
6. "Combinations"
7. "The Sky Is A Harpsichord Canvas"
8. "A Sleepy Company"
9. "Grass Canons"
10. "A New Day"
11. "Combinations"
12. "Black Foliage Animation 2"
13. "I Have Been Floated"
14. "Paranormal Echoes"
15. "Black Foliage Animation 3"
16. "A Place Where We Have Been To"
17. "Black Foliage (Itself)"
18. "The Sylvan Screen"
19. "The Bark And Below It"
20. "Black Foliage Animation 4"
21. "California Demise 3"
22. "Looking For Quiet Seeds"
23. "Combinations"
24. "Mystery"
25. "Another Set Of Bees In The Museum"
26. "Black Foliage Animation 5"
27. "Hilltop Procession Momentum Gaining"

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