Cynthetic Ceiling Synthetic Sailing

Format: CD
Label: Twilight Furniture
Price: $7.03
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Track listing:
1. "Wacky Packs"
2. "Silver Raindrops"
3. "I Wanna Live My Whole Life In A Song"
4. "Feel The Love Inside"
5. "Won't You Tell Me If It's Too Late To Go"
6. "Summerbliss"
7. "It Gets The Best Of Us"
8. "Dreaming Of Rainbows In The Sun"
9. "Warm Blanket"
10. "Paper Boats"
11. "Anything/Something"
12. "I Wanna Feel The Same Way All The Time Like When You're Next To Me"
13. "Still Feeling The Love Inside"
14. "Synthetic Sailing"

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