Various Artists Derby. Once Temporadas De Siesta

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Label: Siesta
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Siesta Description: Eleven football seasons since Siesta was launched in the town of Madrid back in 1992. Time for a luxury 2cd set release with the possibility of personalization (11 exchangeable front covers from our favourite artwork designers) to kick off its 11-year anniversary celebration. Maybe it’s time for reflection, for nostalgia, for self-criticism... From the humble nucleus, we have managed to turn Siesta into one of the most reputed independent labels and one of the undisputed frontrunner labels in fantasy pop. Derby is a new pop classic, or a deliberately minor cult classic at least. A genuine product for collectors, maybe a “greatest hits”, or a random assessment of the Spanish label with a couple of unreleased tracks. It is clear that life in the music business does not always have to do with making hit records. It can also be about doing something that you simply enjoy. Derby refers to a football match between two clubs from the same town and particularly to the classic cross-town rivalry between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. This record is a celebration of the “duel of the century”, the kick-off of a very special year and a respectful tribute to both squads. We are revealing a great deal about our personality and inspirations. This is Siesta at its best. 44 songs! After listening to the two records, there is place for an open, inconclusive ending. It is true that the enigmas will remain after this ego-gratifying release and there is still much to do in our field. There are 300 types of cheese in Spain. Well, around 1000 slices of pop have been released on Siesta during the eleven seasons. We have read that eleven is a number that possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, spirituality and idealism. The number eleven also suggests that you can accomplish your own deepest needs unselfishly through some kind of service to humanity. Finally it is the number of inspiration and enlightenment. Eleven's are visionary, energetic, intuitive, inspirational, and creative. They seek mastery via service to others. Conclusion: Siesta is definitely 11. A lot of people are intrigued by the whole concept of a record label. On the surface, it is an appealing term that conjures up images of success, money, hipness, fun and excitement. Well, no sign here (except fun and excitement, of course)l It is clear that being part of the creation of something
interesting, especially an art form, is a very satisfying and there is a fulfilling feeling within our hearts and minds. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have helped creating something attractive that touches and moves people from very distant places, including some lonely hearts... Corresponding to the tea ceremonially taken by the British Royal Family, our fan-base awaits the moment of our new releases. Siesta tends to be consistent with each record, although eager for enriching the roaster with fresh air and gentle surprises. The three of us: Sara vom Bruch, Manuel Torresano and Mateo Guiscafré, we have a strong commitment to the fervent pursuit and exploration of pleasure and music. Derby is a record to thank you for your support during these years.
\s\s\sOnce again we invite your sympathetic interest in the fortunes of our characters and acts with two CDs that are packed with over 44 musical tracks. It's also time to show to newcomers that Siesta is a record company that has become a respected name in the business with ethics and aesthetics but more importantly with a high number of fantastic songs. Right, there is a huge catalogue now and a blossoming artist stable with an intense musical prestige. Play Siesta now!
\s\s\sDerby is a gift to pop music, a record that comes around once in a lifetime. We would feel fortunate to satisfy your eagerness and zeal enthusiasm.

Track listing:
1. Rita Calypso: "Paper Mache"
2. Baron De Tagomago: "Enamorado"
3. Kahimi Karie: "Giapponese A Roma"
4. Death By Chocolate: "Cutoutgirlscout"
5. Sunshine Day: "Sandcastles"
6. Edwin Moses: "I'll Be Around"
7. Swan Dive: "A Few Thousand Days Ago"
8. La Buena Vida: "Mirando Atrás"
9. Scarlet's Well: "Luminous Creatures"
10. Vigil: "Sunrise Café"
11. Bathing Beauty: "Castles In The Air"
12. Fantastic Something: "Different Sounds"
13. Maria Napoleon: "Viva La Muerte"
14. the Barry Gemso Experience: "Every Single Day"
15. Mr. Wright: "Anna Karina"
16. Kiki Daki: "Adiós"
17. Loveletter: "Barbarella"
18. the Lorraine Bowen Experience: "Julie Christie"
19. Plastic D'Amour: "La Cachette"
20. Beaumont: "Friends In Flares"
21. Lollipop Train: "Johnny, Johnny"
22. Hunkydory: "We've Got Each Other"
23. Lollipop Train: "Teenage Trifle"
24. Scarlet's Well: "Night Of The Macaw"
25. Magic Whispers: "Fly"
26. Swan Dive: "Words You Whisper"
27. Free Design: "Kites Are Fun"
28. Vigil: "Fantasía"
29. Ramon Leal: "O Orvalho Vem Caindo"
30. Malabella: "Metti Una Sera A Cena"
31. Margo Guryan: "Love Songs"
32. Plastic D'Amour: "Télé"
33. Edwin Moses: "(I'm Feeling) So Much Better"
34. La Buena Vida: "Qué Nos Va A Pasar"
35. Mild Euphoria: "Knight's Castle"
36. Beaumont: "Girls And Maths"
37. the Happy Balloon: "Among The First To Know"
38. Constantin Veis: "Run Again Tom Sawyer"
39. Bel Divioleta: "Cuando Yo Era Pequeña"
40. Real Carioca: "Telefone"
41. Viva Maria: "Love Me!"
42. Jason Crest: "This Bouquet"
43. Milky: "Travels With A Donkey"
44. Pastel Vespa: "L'anarchie Dans L'UK"

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