Jumprope - The Lost Album And Beyond Jumprope The Lost Album And Beyond

Format: CD-R
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Description: This cd-r released by the band contains songs from singles, compilations, and an assortment of unreleased tracks. Yes it includes all 4 songs from the "No Happy Songs" 7" released on twee kitten. Woohoo! Recommended.

Track listing:
1. "Swimming With Nancy"
2. "Yesteryear"
3. "Heartbreak"
4. "Here Comes Mary Moon"
5. "OCB"
6. "Scarecrow"
7. "Follow Me"
8. "Sarah Wishes"
9. "That's The Way It Is"
10. "Because Of The Wonderful Things He Does"
11. "Promise Me"
12. "Geometry"
13. "Three Roses"
14. "Forget That Girl"
15. "Interstellar Secrets From The Cellar"
16. "Grandpa's Lament"
17. "Hannukah In Brazil"
18. "Don't Call On Me"
19. "Se Telefonando"
20. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"
21. "Day After Day"

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