Various Artists Pacific Union

Format: CD
Label: Clairecords
Price: $10.37
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Description: Hartfield, Highspiff, Cruyff In the Bedroom, Monster Movie, Applecider, Airiel, Sugarcoat, Sciflyer, John Juhl's Cornfield, Silver Screen, Slow, Paik, Walrus, Park Avenue Music, Pia Fraus.

Track listing:
1. Hartfield: "(The Stars Will Shine Above All Of) The Streets"
2. Highspire: "Until The Lights Go Down"
3. Cruyff In The Bedroom: "Life Is A Gas"
4. Monster Movie: "Sweet Indie Rock"
5. Applecider: "Any Sunny Day"
6. Airiel: "Sonic"
7. Sugarcoat: "New Disco"
8. Scifyler: "Like An Ion"
9. John Juhls Cornfield: "Effulgence"
10. Silver Screen: "In Calms, The Sea Shall Sleep"
11. Slow: "Sai"
12. Paik: "Tinsel And Foil"
13. Walrus: "Plastic Butterfly"
14. Park Avenue Music: "The Mellow One"
15. Pia Fraus: "Mooie Island"

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