Thanes, The Evolver

Format: CD
Label: Rev-Ola
Price: $13.40
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Track listing:
1. "In God I Trust"
2. "Antenna Surprise"
3. "That's The Story Of Your Life"
4. "Static"
5. "Before I Go"
6. "Wonder If..."
7. "It Can Never Be"
8. "I've Seen Darker Nights"
9. "Gone Away Girl"
10. "Please Don't Cry"
11. "Lazy Bones"
12. "Thrown Away The Key"
13. "Don't Let Her Dark Your Dooragain"
14. "She's A Robber"
15. "Hey Girl (Look What You've Done)"
16. "Shipwreck"
17. "I'll Rest"
18. "Lost Or Found"
19. "Buzz Buzz (Yeh Yeh)"
20. "Baby Come Back"
21. "World Of Stone"
22. "None Of This"
23. "Girls"
24. "Who'll Be The Next In Line"
25. "Days Go Slowly By"
26. "Never Make Me Blue"
27. "It's My Pride"

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