Postal Blue - International Breeze Postal Blue International Breeze

Format: CD
Label: Shelflife
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Shelflife Description: Shelflife is proud to present the full-length album "International Breeze" from Brazil's Postal Blue. Reminiscent of early Siesta recordings, the new album features faraway melodies and delicate vocals infused with melancholy-tinged undertones. "Being You" and "Weather Sensitive" are harmony-laden confections evoking Rocketship, while "Fine" and "Before You Know" are fine examples of languid coastal pop with a hint of 60's bossa nova.
\s\s\s"International Breeze" also features state-side collaborations from Shelflife recording artists Laura Watling on vocals and Majestic's Jarond Gibbs on keyboards. This album is not to be missed!
\s\s\sFor Fans of The Fairways, The Crooner, Blueboy, La Buena Vida, The Orchids, Red Sleeping Beauty

Track listing:
1. "Rainy Day"
2. "Being You"
3. "Stand And Stare"
4. "Fine"
5. "Weather Sensitive"
6. "Three Words"
7. "Going Back To Be"
8. "Kisses And Smiles"
9. "Before You Know"
10. "Tell Me"
11. "Love And Promises"

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