Coastal - Halfway To You Coastal Halfway To You

Format: CD
Label: Words On Music
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Words On Music Description: Coastal's follow-up album to 2001's self-titled CD. The album features nine new songs that retain the fragile beauty of the band’s debut, but evoke a more textured ambiance, owing in part to the wider array of instrumentation employed – such as cello, viola, bells, and found samples. Suggestive of LOW, MOJAVE 3, and IDA. Includes guest performances from members of LORNA. COASTAL has performed with artists such as LOW, LORNA, AMERICAN ANALOG SET, and THE AUTUMNS.

Track listing:
1. "Until You Sleep"
2. "Eternal"
3. "Halfway To You"
4. "Leaves"
5. "Night Sky"
6. "We Won't Last Another Year"
7. "Drift"
8. "London In February"
9. "So Close"

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