Harper Lee - All Things Can Be Mended Harper Lee All Things Can Be Mended

Format: CD
Label: Matinee
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Matinee Description: Remarkable third album from acclaimed English duo Harper Lee. Named after the famous American author of the classic novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird,' the band formed in 1999 with a plan to release one brilliant single, take the world by storm, and withdraw from the public eye just as Lee did following the success of her single novel. Luckily, the modest success of its debut did not afford the band an early retirement so they continue creating classic releases to this day. One of Matinee's most popular acts, Harper Lee has earned passionate reviews for its three singles and previous albums 'Go Back To Bed' (2001) and 'Everything's Going To Be OK' (2002). Band members Keris Howard and Laura Bridge layer guitars, keyboards, percussion and vocals in an intricate yet uncomplicated fashion that is uniquely Harper Lee. The new album builds on the duo's signature sound with the addition of enhanced electronica, trumpets, and backing vocals, plus additional upbeat flourishes that recall the poppier moments from Howard's former bands Brighter and Hal. The most impressive Harper Lee record to date, 'All Things Can Be Mended' is a genuine masterpiece in modern melancholy.

Track listing:
1. "Everybody Leaves"
2. "Left-Handed"
3. "I Don't Need To Know About Your Wonderful Life"
4. "Let Me Know"
5. "Stupid"
6. "Autumn"
7. "Isn't This Where We Came In?"
8. "This Is The Sound That A Heart Makes When It's Breaking"
9. "Everything's Going To Be OK"
10. "There Is A Light In Me That's Gone"

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