Beautiful South - Quench Beautiful South Quench

Format: CD
Label: Pid
Price: $13.26
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Vendor Description: The British pop outfit's sixth album originally released in 1998 album and is out-of-print in the US. 13 tracks, including the single 'Perfect 10'. Go! Discs.

Track listing:
1. "How Long's A Tear Take To Dry?"
2. "The Lure Of The Sea"
3. "Big Coin"
4. "Dumb"
5. "Perfect 10"
6. "The Slide"
7. "Look What I Found In My Beer"
8. "The Table"
9. "Window Shopping For Blinds"
10. "Pockets"
11. "I May Be Ugly"
12. "Losing Things"
13. "Your Father And I"

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