the Lightning Seeds - Pure the Lightning Seeds Pure

Format: CD
Label: Pid
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Vendor Description: 1996 compilation on Virgin featuring 18 of the best from thefirst two albums (1989's 'Cloudcuckooland' & 1992's 'Sense')by the English indie power pop band led by ex-Big In Japanguitarist Ian Broudie. Includes 'The Life Of Riley', 'Pure','Sense', 'Blowing Bubbles' and 'Sweet Dreams'.

Track listing:
1. "The Life Of Riley"
2. "Sense"
3. "Blowing Bubbles"
4. "Pure"
5. "Sweet Dreams"
6. "All I Want"
7. "A Small Slice Of Heaven"
8. "Love Explosion"
9. "Don't Let Go"
10. "Joy"
11. "The Price"
12. "A Cool Place"
13. "Happy"
14. "Tingle Tangle"
15. "God Help"
16. "Bound In A Nutshell"
17. "The Nearly Man"
18. "Thinking Up, Looking Down"

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