Orange Peels - Circling The Sun Orange Peels Circling The Sun

Format: CD
Label: Parasol Records
Price: $12.24
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Parasol Description: Holed up in a Sunnyvale tract home, The Orange Peels have written the next chapter in the California Sound. If the band's first two albums, Square (Minty Fresh) and So Far (SpinArt). were the groundwork for their newest effort, the foundations were well laid, But nobody could have predicted the soaring heights and sweeping soundscapes of Circling the Sun. Whatever the case, the Peels emerge reborn - tambourines shaking, guitars chiming, strings fluttering --beckoning you to the golden shores of the West Coast.

Track listing:
1. "Something In You"
2. "California Blue"
3. "Circling The Sun"
4. "So Right"
5. "I Don't Wanna Shine"
6. "Long Cold Summer"
7. "What's It Like Mary Jo?"
8. "Tonight Changes Everything"
9. "Boy In Space"
10. "How Green The Grass"

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