Mas Rapido! - Mas Rapido! Mas Rapido! Mas Rapido!

Format: CD
Label: Parasol Records
Price: $12.24
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Parasol Description: Debut release from Seattle outfit formerly known as Toothpaste 2000, and part of the Parasol family since their Cowboy and Spingirl days. Looking to explain the new softly psychedelic but still rocking sound of their latest recordings our heroic duo, Frank Bednash and Donna Esposito, have chosen an exotic new moniker, Mas Rapido! This new sound manifests itself like a handful of lost '60s Nuggets classics, The Action, The Creation, and The Easybeats.

Track listing:
1. "I Didn't Want To Hurt You"
2. "If This Is Wrong"
3. "Christopher Robin's Dead"
4. "Wicked World"
5. "This And That"
6. "Falling In Love With Love"
7. "Kiss It"
8. "Something About You"
9. "Cry Just A Little Bit"
10. "Stand Up 4 Yourself"
11. "Those Shoes Look Good On You"
12. "Graduation Day"
13. "Congratulations!"
14. "2 Good 2 Say No 2"
15. "Later That Same Day"
16. "Exhiliration Time"
17. "She Took Me Home"

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