Doleful Lions - Shaded Lodge And Mausoleum Doleful Lions Shaded Lodge And Mausoleum

Format: CD
Label: Parasol Records
Price: $12.24
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Parasol Description: The sound of dreams, and of course, nightmares, continues on Doleful Lions' fifth album, 'Shaded Lodge And Mausoleum'. Now paired down to a doleful duo, Chicago denizen Jonathan Scott (songs, singing) and North Carolinian Dave Jackson (antique gadgets, studio wizarding) have turned out yet another lo-fi masterpiece. Not quite as sunshiny as previous efforts, with harmonies and occult whimsies replaced with stark folk atmospheres (think Incredible String Band, John Martyn, and Nick Drake)

Track listing:
1. "Sham Magic In The Night Gallery"
2. "Watch The Skies / A Boys Life"
3. "Strange Vibrations"
4. "O Martyr Atlantis"
5. "Destroyers Of The West"
6. "The Ghost That Haunts Your World Will Disappear"
7. "Satanic Blood"
8. "Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ships"
9. "Slip Inside This Gateway"
10. "The Extra-Large Epiphany"

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