Fridlund, David - Amaterasu Fridlund, David Amaterasu

Format: CD
Label: Hidden Agenda
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Hidden Agenda Description: Amaterasu is the debut album from David Fridlund, namesake and frontman for Swedish guitar-and-piano pop powerhouse David & The Citizens, and one of the most prolific and respected songwriters in Scandinavia. David is joined by acclaimed vocalist and long-time partner Sara Culler (in fact many of the songs on Amaterasu are lovely duets) and enlisted his brother Joel as well. Amaterasu will find favor with fans of Ben Folds, Patrick Wolf, Ida, Bright Eyes, and The Decemberists.

Track listing:
1. "-"
2. "Circles"
3. "April And May"
4. "Insomnia"
5. "Knives"
6. "Then I Will Miss You"
7. "White Van"
8. "Busride And Carsick"
9. "Before It Breaks"
10. "Intro"
11. "Satellite"
12. "November"
13. "3 Pictures (Of You And You And You)"
14. "The Past Floats Like Stones"

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