Quarter After - Quarter After Quarter After Quarter After

Format: CD
Label: Bird Song Recordings
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Bird Song Description: Debut long player from Los Angeles psychedelic pop mavens, with an obvious love for the classic sounds of The Byrds and The Beatles they are similar in style and content to the Brian Jonestown Massacre (if and when they remember to take their prescription meds). The Quarter After is in league with the New Paisley Underground scene, along with The Tyde and Beachwood Sparks. "A fusion of dreamy '60s folk-pop melodies, reminiscent of the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and a few lesser known Sunset Strip bands" (Alternative Press)

Track listing:
1. "So Far To Fall"
2. "Your Side Is Mine"
3. "Always Returning"
4. "A Parting"
5. "Too Much To Think About"
6. "Know Me When I'm Gone"
7. "Mirror To You"
8. "One Trip Later"
9. "Taken"
10. "Everything Again"

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