Lashes - Get It Lashes Get It

Format: CD
Label: Red Ink
Price: $12.94
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Vendor Description: The Lashes are here and now and have validity in this era of new 'new wave' music. With the enjoyable work of Interpol, Bloc Party, and others that artistically plunder the gold mine of past sounds, The Lashes are as legitimate as those previously mentioned and can grasp the potential love of a much wider audience that include those that miss the old days and that younger audience that embraces the new mix of old culture in an updated styling. Columbia. 2006.

Track listing:
1. "New Best Friend"
2. "Daddy's Little Girl"
3. "Sometimes the Sun"
4. "Safe to Say"
5. "Please, Please, Please"
6. "Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody"
7. "Dear Hollywood"
8. "Yesterday Feels Like a Year"
9. "Nate's Song"
10. "World Needs More Love Letters"
11. "Wanna Girl"

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